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Tokyo is an exciting, fun, and trend setting city. Our name pays homage to our homeland, where we create an entertaining, delicious, and heartfelt dining experience. The menu focuses on Japanese dishes served in an innovative setting, and each dish has a unique creation story, made with love. Just like the city’s diversity, we cater to every palate by offering over 100 menu items. Our interactive menu brings the show to your table.

We believe that a dining table symbolizes an area of the home where family comes together; memories and conversations are shared. The table is the key venue to building relationships, whether with family or friends.


At Tokyo Table, we offer over 100 menu items for an innovative way for everyone to enjoy Japanese cuisine. Our service approach focuses on “family serving family” where our guests gather around “The Table” to enjoy shared-style dining with heartfelt service.


We want to be a part of preserving face-to-face interactions within people’s lives. We nurture our employees to give heartfelt service and groom them for life. In turn, we will be the largest Japanese restaurant group in the United States.

Heartfelt Oath / Values

1. Valued: The backbone of Tokyo Table is the guests and employees. Each element has no order of priority, and I am equally important as our guests.
2. Own: I take ownership and pride in the work I do, and I hold myself responsible to solve problems.
3. Build: I treat all customers as if they are guests in my own home. With heartfelt service I am able to build relationships.
4. Seek: I continue to seek for ways to improve our establishment and create memorable experiences for our guests.
5. Teamwork: I build strong relationships within the Tokyo Table Family Tree.
6. Opportunity: I acknowledge that I have the opportunity to continuously learn and grow.
7. Voice: I have a voice and my opinions will always be heard to contribute to the improvement of Tokyo Table.
8. Professional: I take pride in my behavior, language, and professional appearance.
9. Protect: I respect the privacy and security of our guests, employees, and the Company.
10. Cleanliness: I am responsible for the cleanliness of Tokyo Table, and do my best to foster a safe work environment.